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This legendary variety has a big reputation behind it. Please read our special report below on the history of this fine grind leaf powder.

History of Maeng Da:

What has become known as Maeng Da these days is typically a blend of red and green vein leaves, originating from the Southern Thai region. At King Tut Botanicals, we thought you should know the real history of Maeng Da and the mystery behind it’s name.

horned.jpgBefore you read the following information, please note that many vendors sell Maeng da with a lot of marketing gimmicks and call it ridiculous names like “pimp grade” or “horned leaf”. However, the mysterious horned leaf that it is often marketed for does in fact exist in nature, but it’s nearly impossible that anyone could sell quantity of all horned leaf as some vendors claim their Maeng Da contains. Not only is it an industry secret that Maeng Da is traditionally a blend of two different types of leaves, but the ratio for this blend is always different for every vendor. This is from John at B.Z. Botanicals: “There are lot of different stories about the horned leaf, but it appears to be a natural mutation or variation of the tree. The leaves have points on them instead of being curved. Supposedly 1 in 1,000 trees will produce the different leaves and some trees will even produce both types of leaves.

The horned leaf is rumored to have a higher alkaloid structure, which is supposed to attribute to its colorful leaves. In the Patani, Southern Thai region, where our Maeng Da originates from, there are a higher occurring number of horned leaf trees than in Borneo for example. The Maeng Da leaf powder we carry has both horned and non-horned leaves, and green and red vein leaves.

This comes from our suppliers in S.E. Asia:

“I’ve seen trees in Borneo that meet the description of what you mentioned (see picture above of the horned leaf), however, our observations were that the area was rather small and various harvesters were active in the area to pick these ‘special’ leaves. Our tests have shown that this feature was simply a small genetic modification, but in terms of alkaloid profiles the leaves were pretty similar to other varieties in the area. Keep in mind that small changes in appearance do occur frequently in nature. We have seen similar features in other areas as well. I doubt that this ‘horned leaf’ can be harvested in large amounts, as the area we encountered in Borneo was too small even to gather for our weekly needs. So therefor, I assume that this natural feature is somehow exploited by sellers who are aware that most customers will never know what kind of leaves they are actually paying for. If you want to put this to a test, simply order only whole dried leaves of this ‘horned’ variety, and you will probably soon hear that this is not possible.”

As for Maeng Da in general, there are various explanations and theories for what it means, but the term M.D. is used for M. Parvifolia in some areas of Thailand, which doesn’t have much to do with kratom leaves, especially not alkaloid rich ones. The “horned” variety is however found more frequently in Thailand, but again there is no clear relation between the alkaloid content and the feature of the leaves. Locally they often refer to this leaf as “lobster tail leaf”. Due to the distance and unfamiliarity of the re-sellers there will always be a vast amount of nonsense and made up varieties in the market. Over the years, we’ve seen vendors selling “golden leaves” (leaves of branches that were cut off prior to harvest and/or lots of stem and vein added), “sticky leaves” (not fully processed with extracts added), “red leaf powder” (natural coloring added) and so on. As the market grows, there has been a fair amount of gimmicks, but we encourage ethical and high quality harvesting, and constant research with a clear distinction for each region.

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