You can pay for your order using Interac Email Transfers, COD (cash on delivery) credit card/debit, Money Orders and Gift Certificates. These methods are fast, easy and secure. We apologize for the inconvenience, but regular credit card payments (including PayPal) are temporarily unavailable for the entire herbal industry. If you want to pay for your order using a credit card, you can still do that on our site by selecting the COD (cash on delivery) option, which allows you to pay for your order in the form of “service fees” instead of fees for “goods” (which include the cost of your order) by credit card, debit, or cash when it is delivered. WHAT HAPPENED TO CREDIT CARDS? We’ve offered credit card payments on our site without an issue since 2008. The reason for credit card services being pulled for the entire industry was “the uninsurability of herbs”. In other words, every purchase made with your card is protected for returns and exchanges. Merchant processors are claiming there is no way to guarantee or measure the quality of herbs. This is another form of “shadow banning” the industry and was the result of intense lobbying from special interest groups that want to pull herbs off the shelves and make them unavailable.  These rules are not based on logic, as there are plenty of goods and services that are sold with a no returns policy. In fact, these disastrous policies have been called unconstitutional by experts and are being challenged by several non-profit organizations. The work around is for vendors to either use overseas credit card processors with higher risks and fees not subject to North American rules, or to switch to alternative payment gateways (like Bitcoin, etc) that do not offer a guarantee on the viability of “goods and services”. Currently we are researching other payment solutions such as Blockchain, Digital Wallets and Tokens. In the meantime, we’ve found that our customers love using Interact Email Transfers the most, because they are safe, fast, and secure. So don’t hesitate to place an order with us today using any of these alternative payment solutions!